Cyclades Travel Guide

Cyclades, Greece Travel Guide Imagine a tapestry of sun-kissed islands, each adorned with gleaming white-washed houses cascading down hillsides and cobalt blue domes of traditional

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A Complete Guide to the Beaches of Schinoussa, Greece

When it comes to idyllic beaches to visit in Greece, the Cyclades are among the first to pop into your head. But if you go with the heavy-tickers, you will barely find an empty spot on the most popular ones during July and August. To truly get away from it all, look beyond Cyclades’ usual suspects and discover the beaches of a far lesser-known escape: Schinoussa!

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The Best Hotels to Stay at in Schinoussa, Greece

Still off the beaten track, Schinoussa has far fewer amenities than some of its more famous neighbours. But this only allows it to retain the romantic, ramshackle feel of a more secluded retreat.

Small as it might be, it is divided up into three different settlements: the atmospheric capital known as Chora or Panagia, the small rural village of Messaria, and the port of Mersini. Most accommodation is found at Chora and the nearby beaches of Tsigouri and Livadi, while there are also a couple of nice hotels at Messaria. Mersini is not the ideal place to base yourself as there is not much to do there, and the daily uphill to Chora will wear you out.

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The Best Hotels to Stay at in Folegandros, Greece

Thirteen meters long and with just one main road running its spine, no one would expect that Folegandros has no less than six villages. And when it comes to choosing where to stay, it all depends on what fits you best.

Couples and everyone who wants to enjoy the island when the sun comes down better stay in the captivating Chora. Those with a car and after unbeatable views and authentic island life will love every second of their stay in Ano Meria. And families with young children will find that Karavostasis and Agali offer both beaches and taverns at their doorstep.

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A Complete Guide to the Beaches of Folegandros, Greece

Bustling and chichi but at the same time mysterious and rugged. That’s what you’ll think when you first behold the captivating Chora of Folegandros, and the island’s beaches are no different.

Some of them are easy-to-access and offer every commodity for a perfect day at the beach. Others are remote, pristine, hidden away between towering cliffs, with no trace of civilisation for miles.

But guess what! The latter is our favourite and will become yours as well.

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